Christians Mourn Coronavirus ‘Whistleblower’ Li Wenliang Graciously

On February 7, the Internet realm was jammed with news of the death of the Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang, and the whole network was filled with a strong feeling of sadness.  People mourned for and remembered him in many ways, especially because Li Wenliang was one of the earliest discoverers of the pneumonia outbreak, and thus became one of the original eight “rumor mongers”.

But in the Christian online community, however, there is a different picture. Many Christian WeChat groups are retweeting a message that Li Wenliang was a “Christian”, like Luke in the Bible.

To this end, many Christians on the Internet go about telling each other, acting very exuberantly, as if this is not the time to express grief but to sing Hallelujah to praise the Lord’s great moment! Many brothers exclaimed how so many Christians were saying that Li Wenliang was a Christian in their WeChat moments.

There are also many Christian public platforms taking the chance to launch hot tweets, raising the matter to a spiritual height by commemorating him. For instance, there are claims that Li “gloriously returned to his heavenly home”, “he rested in the Lord’s arms”, and some are even like this “Latest Breaking News! Dr. Li Wenliang was a brother in Christ”, as if discovering the New World…

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For a while, in the Christian networks, the style of paying tribute to Li has completely changed, which is totally different from the former mourning scene: because some Christians think that Li Wenliang “gloriously returned to his heavenly home”, so for this reason they give applause and flowers not for cheering for him daring to tell the truth, but for cheering for his “returned to his home.”

It Doesn't Matter If the Coronavirus Whistleblower Was a Christian


On December 30, 2019, after hearing colleagues saying that the hospital’s emergency department had quarantined seven SARS patients from Wuhan South China Seafood Market, Li Wenliang posted the news for the first time in a social media group of more than 150 college alumni and explained: “To define it as SARS is not very accurate. It should be a kind of coronavirus and the specific categorization is yet to be confirmed”. He warned the group to watch out for prevention, but also particularly stressed on not spreading the news yet.

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Despite his group warning, a WeChat screenshot of “7 confirmed SARS patients from South China Seafood Market” was eventually circulated and had a large number of retweets on the Internet. Ultimately, it attracted the attention of the local police and the matter temporarily ended in Li receiving an official warning from the local authority.

However, as the truth of the outbreak gradually surfaced, the name of Li Wenliang, “the rumor monger”, began to enter the public eye. The 34-year-old young doctor was also affectionately known in the media and among the netizens as “the outbreak ‘whistleblower’.”

Li died young and the public reacted overwhelmingly. At noon on February 7, the government announced “with the approval of the Central Committee, the State Monitoring Committee decided to send an investigative team to Wuhan City, Hubei Province, to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the relevant issues concerning Dr. Li Wenliang as reflected by the public”, which caused great public concern!

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