What’s The Correct Seating Position When Driving?

MANY patients brought into the emergency rooms following car crashes present injuries caused by wrong sitting positions in the car.

Women, in particular, tend to be more vulnerable to injuries as a result of sitting too close to the steering wheel.

Masterdrive shares a few tips to help protect drivers from further injuries due to incorrect seating position:

  • Ensure the distance of your seat allows your limbs to bend when you press the brakes.
  • Bent knees and ankles prevent joints from taking full impact. This reduces the chances of breaking any bone.
  • Incline your seat so that you bend your elbows rather than lock them when you hold the steering wheel.

Locked arms limit the range of motion when moving the steering wheel and reduces possible evasive action in a crash.

  • If you do collide with an object, locked arms will result in injuries to your elbows and shoulders.

Your seat inclination should always allow for bent elbows and free movement of the steering wheel.

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An ideal position is where your shoulders rest on the seat and if you extend your arms in front of you, your wrists rest on the steering wheel.

  • Adjust the height of your steering wheel so that the cockpit is clearly visible.

Your hands should be placed in the three and nine o’ clock positions to allow for optimal range and control of the steering wheel.

  • Your headrest should also be adjusted to your specific stature. It’s there to protect your neck from whiplash and other serious injuries in a collision. Raise or lower the headrest until it’s in line with the top of your head.

This will prevent your head from snapping forcefully backward.

  • Lastly, is the positioning of your seat belt. Seat belts are vital for your protection during a collision.

Avoid letting your seat belt rest in the crook of your neck.

It should run across your shoulder so that in case of an impact it distributes the impact evenly across the strongest parts of your body.

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