• September 29, 2020

Confusion in Britain Over Lockdown Closure – immunity certificate to be issued

Confusion rents the air in Britain as the government faces fresh questions over its coronavirus testing plan. The government hopes to exit the lockdown through controversial “immunity passports” and antibody tests that are still not proven to work.

Matt Hancock, Health Minister on Thursday admitted to his fierce criticism for the first time that mistakes had been made. “There will be criticisms made, and some of them will be justified”.

Hancock said certificates to prove someone is immune to the virus could allow some of the population to go back to work.

This was revealed in the new pledge to complete 100,000 tests a day in England by the end of the month.

He attempted to relaunch the government’s strategy while Boris Johnson remains unwell in self-isolation. This attempt comes after a week of pressure as to why so few tests are being carried out, especially on National Health Service (NHS) workers.

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The Health Minister promised that tests would be expanded from hospital patients and medics to more NHS staff, key workers and finally more people in the community.

There will be a combination of tests for live cases of the virus and antibody tests to check if someone has previously been infected.

Germany does around 70,000 tests a day – all for live cases of Covid-19.

The government was also forced to acknowledge it does not have the capability to do mass testing for live cases in the general public, as being advanced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and public experts.

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