• September 28, 2020

Chimpanzees in Russia Watch Cartoons To Cope with Coronavirus Stress as Zoos Are Empty

Chimpanzees at a Russian natural life park became hopeless after individuals quit going to the recreation center.

The animal handlers say chimp twins, Tikhon and Anfisa are watching kids shows to assist them with sadness while guests remain away during the coronavirus lockdown.

The two primates miss the ordinary guests to the Royev Ruchey Nature Park in Krasnoyarsk, whose movements have been restricted by the Siberian health authorities in efforts to combat coronavirus.

The recreation center chief, Audrey Gorban stated that they chose to set up a TV set on a divider, and began demonstrating kid’s shows. The pair have been viewing The Lion King, among different activities. Their most loved cartoon is a Russian animation about a tired mother monkey who lives in a zoo. They watch it over and over.

Tikhon, the male chimpanzee lies on a couch, eating crude vegetables as he appreciates the kid’s shows while the female, Anfisa, has been playing with a kids development toy and a lipstick tube she was given by one of the staff.

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The two chimps were recently observed playing with snow as they are seeing for the first time at their park.

Russia currently has 4731 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 43 deaths and 333 recoveries.

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