• October 1, 2020

More Babies, More Divorce, More Domestic Violence Due To Lockdown

When movements, travels, businesses and other activities are ‘lockdown’, ‘shutdown’ or largely reduced – families and lovers find themselves in the same space for a long time.

Fist, lovers would resort to sex for comfort and to kill boredom. This may obviously lead to lots of pregnancies and babies, especially around December time in South Africa.

Busi-ness (act of being busy) has affected some relationships and marriages as there was hardly time to commune or fellowship. Now, children would see parents more; parents will see each other more. Single people will be stranded a lot – sorry.

For those who get bored easily and often crave for their spaces – they are in prison at least for a while. This may be torturing and if not well managed, may lead to anger and frustrations, which may break some relationships.

Lockdown is also a good test for some relationships – it exposes those who use work as excuses not to be able to bond and fellowship with family. It would also reveal how much we can tolerate one another.

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When there is quarrel and no time to take a breather, it may worsen the situation. Some people can’t survive being angry and being in the space with the persons they are angry with. This may lead to explosions.

Domestic violence may increase especially in poor homes where the father has no money to care for the family or the wife nags because of scarcity of grocery. There would be plenty ventilation of frustrations and anger – but couples and families must be creative and patient this season.

Though spending time with your partner is great when you have a choice in the matter, but this lockdown is going to force us into each other’s space for at least 21 days in South Africa.

Don’t let the days wind down without any planning. Create structure and some sort of routine. Allocate time for work, meals, time on your own and time with your partner.

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But with good and intentional planing, we may survive lockdown and all that comes with it.

You may need to invest your energy in other indoor stuff to kill boredom and frustration.

Some of them are:
Set Time To play with kids
Do Gardening and Home Improvement
Do some painting if there is need
Read a new book
Play indoor games with wife and/or children
Bible Study
Pray Together
Watch Movies Together

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Femi Oshin

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