• September 28, 2020

China bans eating of cat & dogs. Japan Prime Minister Refuse To Declare State of Emergency

Shenzhen, in southeastern China, has become the first city in the country to ban eating of cats and dogs from May 1. Thenceforth, it will be illegal to eat animals raised as pets.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, China also passed a law to ban the consumption of wild animals.

The city will prohibit the consumption of state-protected wild animals and other terrestrial wild animals taken from the wild, as well as captive-bred and farmed terrestrial wild species.

However, pig, cattle, sheep, donkey, rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail, may be consumed as well as aquatic animals who are not banned by other laws or regulations.

Guilty persons will be subjected to a fine of 30 times of the wild animal’s value, if the animal is above the value of 10,000CNY [$1400 USD].


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resisted calls on Wednesday to declare a state of emergency, saying that use of such powers was not imminent but rather said the government would distribute two reusable cloth face masks per household amid growing concern over medical shortages as the country faces a worsening coronavirus outbreak.

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He thereby courted the anger of many Japanese who felt the move was lackluster and would not go into effect fast enough to have a chance at curbing the spread of the virus.

The citizens says masks would not be due to be distributed until the end of the month. Others dubbed the policy “Abenomask policy” as satirical memes showing well-known cartoon characters sharing one mask between four family members popped up online.

This anger against the Prime Minister is a product of national anxiety as the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus has spiked in recent weeks.

Hitherto, Japan appeared to be on top of its game at combating the virus as initial response had got the virus relatively under control.

Today, 3139 cases of coronavirus is in Japan with 77 deaths. As of Wednesday, there were over 2,300 cases across Japan, and 57 deaths, according to a Johns Hopkins University tally.

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The upward spike leads to new restrictions being put in place in Tokyo and other major cities. Abe said the provision of cloth masks to the worst hit areas “will be helpful in responding to the rapidly increasing demand.”

The proposal to send two masks to each household attracted outrage and mockery online, with the hashtag “Abe’s mask” and “screw your two masks” trending on Twitter.

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