• September 28, 2020

S/African Police Allegedly Kill 8 People Via Brutality @ Enforcing Lockdown

Eight South Africans have allegedly died via Police brutality as the law enforcements agents ‘maintain order’ enforcing the lockdown rule in the country.

Coronavirus has killed nine people in South Africa so far, with about 1,585 confirm cases recorded. Coronavirus is just one death ahead of the police who should be maintaining order and protecting lives  as at today (April 5).

Citizens have been crying that the security forces’ heavy-handedness is becoming unbearable, with many communities decrying how they carry themselves harshly.

The public outcry got louder after the killing of a Vosloorus man by a member of the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department and a private security guard.

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Sibusiso Amos was gunned down last week Sunday in front of his two nieces after he was allegedly contravening the lockdown regulations by “drinking alcohol and being at a tavern”. Locals, however, denied the notion against the man who was recently released from prison after serving a 15-year sentence.

The owner of the tavern where the incident started, Sylvia Binca denied the Metro Ploice claim. She said she had stopped selling liquor the day the lockdown started and that no one was drinking before the EMPD officers stormed into her house.

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She said: “I do drink and sell alcohol, but I respect the law. The EMPD pushed my door without knocking, they pointed guns everywhere, even at kids”.

She corroborated that her niece ran to them as they were sitting outside to hint that the police were coming in their direction.

“We then moved inside the house where they pushed the door. They were disappointed to learn that there was no alcohol in the house. The late Amos and other three guys were then taken outside and beaten by sjambok before they all ran to their homes”.

It was reported that the police chase them up until their homes and “shot them inside their yards.

She continued: “I went outside and I saw Amos lying there, helpless. The EMPD did not bother to even call an ambulance. They left and it became difficult because they were wearing balaclavas like criminals”.

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Dudizile Binca echoed similar sentiment that the police entered the house and started hitting people with sjamboks without asking questions.

“The other guy was from work, and he had a permit with him, but they continued beating him. We have kids who were pointed with guns by these police officers and the kids could not sleep after the incident. I had to get them tablets so that they could sleep. Everyone is traumatised”.

Amos is one of at least eight people killed since the lockdown on March 26 due to the heavy-handedness of law enforcement officers. Since the lockdown, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) has recorded 38 cases.

According to the Ipid statistics, there have been two deaths in police custody, both of them in Limpopo and six deaths as a result of police action. The deaths occurred in Gauteng (2), KwaZulu-Natal (2) and Western Cape(2).

The statistics also revealed that there were 11 cases of discharging an official firearm and 14 cases of torture, assault and corruption. There is also one case of rape by a police official.

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Ipid acting spokesperson Sontaga Seisa said the killing of Amos is being investigated. Seisa confirmed that the EMPD officer was not charged even though he had appeared in court but the security guard was. The court said Ipid had to gather more information and evidence to present before it.

“I do confirm that the court decided to place the matter on the court roll against the security officer and not metro police officials because there are some outstanding investigations that we are expected to go and do before we take the matter back to NPA for consideration.

“The case has been postponed to April 8, 2020, for formal bail application.

However, President Cyril Ramaphosa recently defended the conduct of the 18,000 police and SA National Defence Force (SANDF) personnel enforcing the government’s Covid-19 shutdown regulations — and maintains that he has “no specific knowledge” of law enforcement officials behaving unconstitutionally.

With recent horrible developments, hopefully the President’s narrative on the brutality of law enforcements might change.

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