• October 30, 2020

Bruce Willis Self-isolates With His Ex & The Wife Likes It. Beat That!

Like they say, ‘in Los Angeles, divorce is just the start of a beautiful relationship. – Bruce Willis self-isolates with his ex-wife, Demi More and his wife -Emma Hemig – seems not to have a problem with it!

This confirms the saying that Hollywood A-Listers do things differently. Willis married the model Heming in 2009 after divorcing with Demi Moore nine years earlier.

theguardian.com says: “Bruce, Demi, their three daughters, two of the daughters’ boyfriends, some unidentified bloke and lots of Demi’s small dogs isolate en masse and post pictures on social media of them all wearing fetching pyjamas? Even the dogs! It’s really Hollywood-centric.”

Heming is not with them and she is unconcerned about her husband quarantining with his ex-wife. Strangely (to you, not to Hollywooders), she responded to their picture together with the comment: “Not many can pull that colour off! Looking good squad.”

Bruce Willis’ Life at Home with Wife Emma and Two Daughters is ‘Filled with Joy’ and the ‘Chatter of Little Girls’

To make it queerer, Moore and Heming get on well like sisters. Moore attended Willis and Heming’s wedding, and was there again when they renewed their vows in 2019 – that’s one-of-a-kind thick skin and special ability to forget the (horrible) past.

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Industry ‘arm-chair critics’ think she’s clearly very good at not harbouring a grudge. Last year, she blew everyone’s mind when she said: “It’s a funny thing to say, but I’m very proud of our divorce.” Proud of divorce? I’m still trying to rap my head around that.

It was also reported that Moore has had a few issues in the past with substance abuse, and that put a strain on her relationship with her daughters.

Oh, so Bruce is self-isolating with his ex to help her restore her relationship with her daughters, together with him? No rules in Hollywood!

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