• September 20, 2020

Did Somizi Just Shade Slay Queens And Side Chicks?

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung also known as Somgaga has ensured that his followers never experience any moment of boredom.

If he’s not cooking up and strom, trying out new and exotic dishes, he’s sharing DIY beauty tip or encouraging peeps to stay home and take necessary measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Monday, Somizi posted a video of his brand new single dedicated to “side chicks” and “slay queens”.

In the video, he is heard saying: “I’ve decided to record a song describing how slay queens and side chicks (mistresses)” during the lockdown period.

Somizi and Dineo Ranaka are seen in the studio offering words of encouragement to the side chicks, urging them to remain persistent, “lockdown will eventually come to an end and they will once again have access to their boyfriends (other people’s husband).”

“The lockdown has hit us (artists) very hard, we can’t even begin to imagine how hard this lockdown has hit those in relationships with other people’s spouses. I’m not mocking you, I’m being very sympathetic,” says Somgaga in between chuckles.


Watch the full video below:

Be warned: The content of the video contains strong language and lots of humour.


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