• September 28, 2020

Pst Chris Defends His 5G Theory Advising Critics To Do Independent Study

The founder and president of Loveworld Incorporated popularly known as Christ Embassy maintains his strong stance that the coronavirus pandemic is a product of conspiracy theory of multinational corporations who are advancing the 5G technology and implicitly an extension of the satanic New World Order.

In a live Youtube broadcast Wednesday night, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome advises his critics to do independent research and not listen to the promoters of the products and services in question.

He further clarified that infection and fatalities figures are being intentionally and/or ignorantly inflated to cause panic. He said NOT ALL coronavirus related sickness is a Covid-19 case.

He subtly rebukes his critics saying it is wrong to say another person is stupid until you have done an independent study.

He wisely advises the Nigerian government to do extensive objective and independent study before accepting accepting everything that is thrown at them.

Earlier, Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Day Star Ministry has dismissed the claim of Pastor Chris Oyakhilomeh of Christ Embassy on 5G, Coronavirus and the Antichrist – this aligns him with Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo of the Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC).

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Pst. Sam Adeyemi Dismisses Pst. Chris’ Theory of Anti-Christ 5G Agenda

Also, Daddy Freeze, Nigeria’s popular radio personality and Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC) rebuke Pastor Chris Oyakhilome lavishly over his the Christ Embassy pastor’s alleged claim that the Nigerian Government is secretly installing 5G towers.

Daddy Freeze & Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo Blasts Pastor Chris For Claiming Govt is Installing 5G Secretly

He indicated that Youtube also banned the video of an expert who disagreed with the proponent of the 5G-is-not-harmful theory.

The classy man-of-God also clarifies that the core of his interpretation of the theory is spiritual which may not have physically verifiable evidence – only to be understood by those who are spiritually discerning.

“At this moment, you got to pray”, he said. He also emphasised that they are praying and will continue to pray. He also said hydroxychloroquine is working “I’m not recommending anything but you can find out by yourself. For Christians, the cure is Jesus…”

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Pastor Chris’ defence of his beliefs continues as at press time.



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