• September 29, 2020

German Mayor Deliberately Gets Infected with Coronavirus To Self-immunize

Wonder strikes in Germany as Berlin District Mayor, Stephan von Dassel sparks outrage after he admitted to deliberately getting infected with the novel coronavirus.

The mayor reveals he got the virus from his partner in order to self-immunize and be able to work while others were off sick.

Responding to public outcry against him, Von Dassel claims that his deliberate infection is a “contribution” toward the long-term goal of flattening the curve of the infection but admits he underestimates the virus.

He admits thus: “I was ill longer than I thought. I got infected almost on purpose to develop immunity and thought I’ll be a bit sick for three days and then I’ll be immune — I can’t catch it and won’t pass it on to anyone, but it was a lot worse than I imagined.”

Following his admittance, a series of backlash trailed him and his comments started a heated online debate – he was accused by many of being irresponsible and putting others at risk.


However, von Dassel defends his (suicidal) actions, adding that perhaps his original was misunderstood.

On Wednesday, he said: “Perhaps my statement on the radio today was misleading. But my behaviuor was and is responsible. I was, am and remain in quarantine, until I’m no longer infectious.”

His justification goes as far as tweeting a link to a statement published by Berlin Mitte office (from von Dassel), which stated that he had quarantined for 14 after his partner tested positive for the coronavirus, and that living in such close proximity to someone infected, catching the virus himself would have been “almost unavoidable” anyway.

He opines that infection with a common home quarantine for 14 days is hardly avoidable despite all precautionary measures – so he consciously accepted to catch it quickly.

His novel action goes against warnings and advice by medical experts telling people to isolate themselves in order to curb the spread of the virus.

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Shouldn’t he be prosecuted? Or is action is truly responsible?

I must confess, some people’s got guts…

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Femi Oshin

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