• September 20, 2020

How To Handle Backbiters And To Repent From Backbiting

Backbiting is easy to commit – you can find yourself backbiting without even realising how it happened. Backbiting is broader than you think – it can be done by words, a glance, gestures, or writing. It can affect you gravely if you don’t know how to deal with it.

In the video below: learn how to deal with backbiters:





1:Avoid people who talk about others: if yo enjoy the company of people who backbite, you are also a back biter.

2: Avoid places of gossip: you know the company of gossip: that company where the crux of the meeting is talking about others, flee from such gathering.

3: Don’t ask leading questions: Seemingly harmless questions can lead to backbiting: “I haven’t seen so-and-so for a while. How is she doing?” Instead of getting a simple reply, the response might be “Did you hear that she … ” Rather not to ask about an absent person for fear of backbiting.

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4:Stop backbiting the first time it happens: When people around you start backbiting, let them know immediately that you cannot be involved in such conversations.

5: Let people know you are trying not to backbite: When you have previously engaged in backbiting with people in the past: A good way to repent is to let them know the next time you talk with them that you don’t want to backbite and ask them to help you with it.

6: Maintain a policy with friends to remind each other not to backbite: Make a commitment with your friends to help each other not to backbite.

Play Safe:  Be careful to talk less or keep silent especially about people who are absent or that you know less about. Don’t attempt to have inaccurate opinion about people.

8: Forgive those who backbite about you: back biting is cancerous. It can affect the villain and the victim. Forgive those who have back bitten you, remember you are not perfect, plus the fact that un-forgiveness affects you more than the person you are not forgiving. 

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Happy Easter.

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