• September 30, 2020

Toyin Abraham Has Risen From Her Few Years Back Scandals

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to speak on the growth of Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, since the first time they met.

In the post shared on Instagram by Broadway TV, the man recounted his first meeting with the actress and how humbled and troubled she seemed.

Speaking further, the man spoke on how she has been able to rise from her scandals a few years back to become a blessed woman.

The post reads:

“Seeing the UNDP video with Toyin evoked a nostalgic feeling. Our First Meeting My first meeting with Toyin was many years ago via BBM. She buzzed me to ask about our PR services and without thinking, I responded that ‘we are expensive ‘. My response stemmed from the fact that we hardly worked with people from the Yoruba genre and as of that time, we were working with the biggest Yoruba brand then, Funke Akindele. But sometime in 2017, during the height of the unprecedented scandal around Toyin, popular blogger, SDK called me that she told Toyin to call me and asked that I manage her. It was an opportunity to right initial wrong (my ‘we are expensive’ response, I believed was arrogant). We set up a meeting. Toyin walked in not looking like a star. She cut the picture of a worn-out celeb, a woman battered by scandals and challenges of life. My first reaction was to say no but my gut feeling (intuition, Holy Spirit), call it whatever you like told me to say yes, and right there, I got inspired on what needed to be done to turn the brand around. She had walked into my office with a phone she bought on credit, owing 150k outstanding. I told her how possible it was to change the whole story if she wanted it. She has proven over the years that she wanted it. She listened, let go of ego and did the work. We came up with the strategy, got a hold of the media, changed her relationships and combined forces to work hard. The hard work she put in is paying off and I am grateful to God that the efforts are not in vain. The day she bought the house in Ibadan and paid all those millions in cash was a day of gratitude.”

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