• September 28, 2020

Edochie, Nollywood Actor Lambasts ‘Lockdown Beggars’ in Nigeria

Begging has been taken to another dimension in Nigeria due to lockdown – Yul Edochie lambasts ‘Nigerian Beggars’ who presurise celebrities to send relief packages.

Boldly like his dad in a powerful Nollywood act, he tells them celebs don’t owe them a cent.

His tweets birth mixed reactions – praise and anger.

“ Is it by force to give you? Do we owe you? Won’t you allow celebrities rest? We are all in this lockdown together. Send your account details to president Buhari; tell him you haven’t received your share of the proposed giveaway from the Federal Government!”

The actor-politician echoes the sentiments of some other celebs who may not want to offend their fans and foes.

Begging is a mean menace in Nigeria – done by able and disabled people.

Fine Bara/Decent Bara is the street name for able-bodied beggars – who ‘feel entitled to your money.’

Street begging is illegal in Lagos now. It carries fines of N15 000 and up to three months’ imprisonment but well branded able-bodied begging/online begging is still technically legal.

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A Nigerian once posted his experience about begging at the airport on Facebook:

The begging for money at Nigerian airports is a very shameful thing.
Whatever happened to people’s sense of pride.
From toilet staff, to immigration officers, airport security, NAHCO staff… everyone is hustling you and delaying you so you could pay.
Na curse?

From Kigali, to Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Lomé, Accra, Cape Town, JB and various airports actors Africa. Some of these countries are poorer than Nigeria with per capital with lower income than ours. I’ve never seen this kind of begging and hustling.

Zero national/personal sense of pride.

“Correct man”,
“How you dey now?”,
“God don bless you”,
“see as your passport full”,
“Bless your my brother”,
“handsome man”.
All because they want to beg.

How does one clean up an entire system like this?

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Femi Oshin

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