• September 24, 2020

Ugandans in Quarantine Centers Engage in Sex. Statistics Say Ugandans Cheat a Lot

The Ugandan Ministry of Health has disclosed that some people placed under quarantine at the coronavirus isolation centres are having sex with each other.

The country’s Permanent Secretary of the Uganda Ministry of Health, Diana Atwine expressed her worry over the “dangerous” practise which undermines the government’s efforts to curb the spread of the disease.

“Others like in Mulago move from their rooms to visit their colleagues who are in other rooms, this is too dangerous and it will distract our efforts.” Diana Atwine said.

It was reported some of those who are in quarantine move to rooms of others in the hotels where the are placed to copulate instead of self-isolating.


She disclosed that this was the reason some people at the centres have not been released ever since they learnt about this practice.

Security officers have now been deployed to stop or limit movements within quarantine centres.

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Uganda currently has 55 cases of Covid-19 with no fatality.

According to the 6th demographic and health survey released on March 14 in Kampala, Uganda in 2017: “…Ugandans generally cheat, meaning they have multiple partners.

And men cheat more than women. Throughout their lifetime, according to the survey, women have sex with between two and three (2.3) different people. Men on the other hand have between six and seven (6.3) different partners.

Among women, those aged between 20-24 cheat more followed by those in the 25-29 age bracket. Amongst men, those in the age bracket 30-39 are the worst cheaters followed by those aged 25-29..

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