• September 28, 2020

African Writer, Chimamanda Adichie Turns a Preacher Out of Coronavirus Fear

Iconic African writer Chimamanda Adichie heartily preaches to everybody on how fragile life is and her worries about her husband who is a doctor and her elderly parents in Nigeria.

From her Instagram pulpit, she says we must continue to go on day by day and we must choose to live. “And to do so we can set small goals. Like drink more water, if you’ve spent the past ten years wanting to be more hydrated. Like learn something every day, no matter how small.”

The American based award wining wordsmith said: “Coronavirus is a menace in the air, a menace inside our heads. Every day I am reminded of how fragile, how breakable we are⁣,” she preached.

⁣⁣She fears and worries each morning her husbands leaves for work and whenever her daughter coughs.

Her ‘sermon’ is laden with faith and fear: “My throat itches and I worry. On Facetime I watch my elderly parents. I admonish them gently: Don’t let people come to the house. Don’t read the rubbish news on WhatsApp.⁣⁣”

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She encourages everyone to be resilient during this critical time.“This is a time to cope in the best way we can. There are moments when our spirits will sag.”

Like an old woman reflecting on life as she courts the grave, she says over-achieving or accomplishing more than usual is not her priority now. “When all around you the world as you know it has changed, perhaps never to return to what it used to be. …call loved ones – not text them, call them. Like help someone – with a small cash transfer, an encouraging message, a shared laugh.⁣⁣”

Some describe her as a feminist but Adichie is surely one of Africa’s most prolific writers and a global voice of reason.

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