• September 30, 2020

Toyin Abraham Shared Wise Words About Growth And Mistakes

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has shared some wise words about growth and mistakes on social media.

The actress stated that humans are bound to make mistakes because life does not come with a manual.

Abraham added that the only way to grow is to learn from past mistakes.

Abraham said if no one makes mistakes it means we are equal to God who is the only that can never make mistakes. She also advised people not to let others use their mistakes to invalidate their current growth.

The actress also touched on the subject of people judging others for their past mistakes. She said before anyone starts to judge others they should remember that chapter of their lives that they do not want others to read.


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We are all human and bound to make mistakes because, LIFE DOES NOT COME WITH A MANUAL BOOK. If you do not learn, you cannot grow, and you either learn from your own mistakes or another person’s mistakes, this is how we grow in life. If no one makes mistake means we are all equal to God because, only God is above mistakes. Don’t let people use your past mistakes to invalidate your current growth. People’s inability to accept your DEVELOPMENT , PROGRESSION and MATURITY is not your PROBLEM but theirs. Make your past your reference and not your residence and allow people who wants to live there to remain there for as long as they want, it’s their choice. Therefore, before you judge or criticize someone for their past mistakes, remember that CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU DON’T READ ALOUD, if people got to read it, would you like to be judged or criticized by it? Think about it. LIVE AND LET LIVE ❤️❤️❤️ TOYIN ABRAHAM

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