• September 29, 2020

Woman Raises $55,000 Selling Face Masks with Penises, Breasts in Your ‘Face’

Mindy Vincent from Herber City, Utah has raised over $55 thousand for non-profit by designing and selling face masks with tiny penises.

The mother and therapist went viral on April 9 after she shared photos of her “unique masks” with drawings of flowers and penises of different kinds of skin tones on Facebook. The masks sell at $20 and also come with breast and vulva patterns.

She says the offensive imagery is a good way to tell if someone is ignoring social distancing protocol. The masks IS for a good cause as profit goes to a nonprofit battling addiction, Utah Harm Reduction Coalition.

Mindy is the founder and executive director at the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition, a nonprofit that provides harm reduction education, advocacy, and services, and also runs a syringe exchange.

The masks now trends and sells online. “I’m so overwhelmed by the response and how many people have shared my post”.

Her message on Facebook reads: ‘Behold! My masks have arrived! I wore this to Walmart and petco today. When someone tells me my mask has penises on it, I kindly let them know this is how I determine they are too close, kindly back the f*** up.’

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She says no one has commented on her mask in person yet: Perhaps they are afraid or thinks she’s unaware of the penises on her face.

She jokingly quips that so many people don’t have a very good sense of humor these days and aspires to sell the masks to about 170,000 people in the world [who liked the post on Facebook] and would also be willing to wear d***s on their faces.’

Mindy started her organization in 2016 after her sister died of an overdose.

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