• September 28, 2020

Baby Taking Vitamin C Supplements May Suffer From Kidney Stones, Nausea & Diarrhoea

Parents want healthy children and would do everything to ensure this: Meanwhile,
breast milk, and food should be the only sources of vitamin C babies consume, as opposed to Vitaminc C supplements.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) only advises that vitamins and mineral supplements be given to infants 6 months of age or older.

Supplementing with Vitamin C is NOT necessary for most healthy babies and could increase their risk of developing symptoms associated with Vitamin C toxicity.

Children may show signs of kidney stones, nausea and diarrhoea, resulting from overconsumption of Vitamin C .

Supplementing at 6 months is recommended for infants who aren’t breastfeeding and consume less than 16 ounces (500 mL) of formula per day.

The advice of a health care provider is imperative if taking a supplement is deemed critical.

Supplementing May Be Appropriate in these situations:

When you baby lacks Vitamin C

Scurvy is primarily caused by grave Vitamin C deficiency. The symptoms of scurry are bleeding gums, bruising, fatigue, loss of appetite, and irritability, among others. It proves fatal if left untreated.

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However, Vitamin C deficiencies are rare in developed countries, but babies with neurodevelopmental disorders, digestive dysfunction, or cancer may be at an increased risk of developing them.

Don’t ever attempt to diagnose your baby with a Vitamin deficiency on your own.

Be sure to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before adding any supplements to your baby’s diet. They can determine the safest, most appropriate dosage.

Vitamin C supplements are generally not recommended for babies. In exceptional instances, supplements may be needed, but dosage should be determined by a qualified healthcare professional.

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