• September 25, 2020

You Can Go to Work, Buy Alcohol & Purchase Repair Tools During Lockdown in the UK

13,729 people have died in the United Kingdom (UK) from the Covid-19 infections and with about 103, 093 confirmed cases – lockdown has been extended for another three weeks (AT LEAST) but employees are allowed to travel to work whether or not they are key or essential staff, as long as it is not reasonably possible to work from home.

According to the dailymail.co.uk, police have told people in England they can go out to buy alcohol, take an animal to the vet or stop to have a rest while on a walk during the coronavirus lockdown.

Guidelines have been issued on what are ‘reasonable’ excuses to leave home, such as buying several days’ worth of food including luxury items or collect basic surplus food from a friend.

The list issued by the National Police Chief’s Council and College of Policing also permits providing support to vulnerable people or moving to a friend’s address for several days to allow a ‘cooling-off’ following arguments at home.

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Other permitted acts include buying a small amount of a staple item or necessity, and purchasing tools to repair a fence panel damaged in recent bad weather.

You are not also allowed to drive for a prolonged period with only brief exercise. A short walk to a park bench where you remain seated for a much longer period is also not allowed.

Police say you are not allowed to work in a local park if you can work from home and no one should be knocking on doors offering cash-in-hand work.

Resting or eating lunch while on a long walk, or drive to the countryside and walking – where far more time is spent walking than driving is also permissible.

Forms of acceptable exercise during the period include going for a run or cycle or practicing yoga, walking in the countryside or in cities and attending an allotment.

But wisdom should be applied, police say it is not reasonable for people to go out to buy paint and brushes, simply to redecorate a kitchen.

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Activities that could be done over the phone like visiting a vet’s surgery in person to renew a prescription is also discouraged.

Furthermore, visiting a friend in their home or meeting in public to socialise is also banned under the guidelines after the lockdown was brought in on March 23.

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