• October 30, 2020

Granadilla/Passionfruit Promotes Eye Health

Passionfruit is a tropical, delicious and slightly tart fruit.

It’s also known by the name of granadilla and is very rich in healthy nutrients.

Its inside is pulpy, juicy and with rich flavour and aroma with hard, pitted seeds.

This fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, dietary fibre and other nutrients.

100 grams of passionfruit contains about 97 calories.

Even though it’s higher in calories than other fruits, passionfruit makes up for it with its abundance of health benefits.

100 grams of this fruit contains 27% of useful dietary fibre that removes bad cholesterol in the body.

It also acts as a laxative, helping with regular bowel movement and healthy metabolism.

3o% prefers the sour maracuyá with a sprinkle of salt, while the rest of us prefer the sweeter granadillas.

Most people spit out the seeds as you do with watermelons, but 10% eats the seeds, as they have many health benefits.

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Either version works great in a smoothie and don’t worry about the seeds because you can blend them up with the rest of the pulp.

While the seeds are safe to eat, the fruit’s hard outer skin isn’t usually considered edible.

Nutrition information for granadilla – passion fruit is based on the standard passion fruit.

1. Boosts Immunity – through antioxidants.
2. Protects Cells- with antioxidants.
3. Promotes Eye Health – through high Vitamin A levels.
4. Helps Digestion – due to its rich fiber content.
5. Improves Heart Health and Reduces Blood Pressure – with high potassium levels.
6. Improves Circulation – with potassium, iron, and copper.
7. Helps Bone Health – from iron, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus.
8. Reduces Insomnia – through Harman, a medicinal alkaloid compound.

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