• September 26, 2020

R. Kelly Wont Flee As He Owes Almost $2 Million In Taxes

Disgraced singer R. Kelly is tendering his tax debt of almost $2 million as proof that he wouldn’t run away if granted an early release due to the spread of the coronavirus.

R. Kelly has been fighting for weeks, attempting to be granted an early release due to his fears of contracting the coronavirus, however his request was denied.

Prosecutors argued that he had already made $200,000 in royalties this year alone, which gives him enough money to flee from the justice system.

His lawyers argue that R. Kelly owes the government $1,878,737.43 in taxes which makes it impossible for him to flee.

His lawyer, Michael Leonard states in a letter submitted to the court on April 19 that:
“The monies the Government claims Mr Kelly has access to are not the kind of funds that would present an opportunity to flee, let alone live a life covertly in exile. It similarly ignores the fact that the current environment of restricted travelling commercial activities would make it that much more difficult than before, and albeit impossible for a celebrity like Mr Kelly, to flee from prosecution.”

Kelly’s attorney filed this letter with the court after the government submitted a motion that R. Kelly is a flight risk and a danger to the community.

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