• October 30, 2020

Japanese Mayor Under Fire For “Women Waste Time During Shopping” – Lockdown Relaxation

Japanese mayor of Osaka, Ichiro Matsui is under intense fire for theorising that men should do grocery shopping during the coronavirus outbreak as women are often indecisive and “take a long time.”

His Thursday (April 23) statement was that men should do grocery runs because women “take a long time as they browse around and hesitate about this and that.”

This mayor’s statement comes against the backdrop of advice in Japan that residents in some ares should shop less frequently and only send one family member out to get supplies to limit contact during the coronavirus lockdown in the country. Japan is under a state of emergency over the pandemic threats.

‘Tweetrats’ came heavy on him with one of them accusing him of being “disrespectful to women and men.”

Another ‘Tweetrat’ said he’s “full of prejudice against women, there are indecisive men and nimble and sharp women.”

Additionally, another ‘Tweetrat’ asked: “Does he think (shoppers) like to take time? They are thinking about menus and prices.”

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The 56-year old mayor said it’s good that men are shopping because they can snap up things they are told (to buy) and go and acknowledged that his remarks might be viewed as out-of-touch, but they were true in his family.

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