• September 20, 2020



Fellow Nigerians,

One vital point that also happens to be of emergency nature, is for Nigerians to constitute a SHADOW GOVERNMENT// SECURITY CLUSTER to await the many possibilities and ramifications that may arise from this disappearing act of Buhari at the end of this global lockdown due to the CORONAVIRUS pandemic.

Should Buhari die:

1. The enemy forces that have taken strategic positions in our forests are eagerly awaiting the order to unleash mayhem in our land. We then need to mobilize our people in anticipation of the above.

2. The North will definitely refuse Osinbajo to succeed Buhari, for fear that the ghost of the late President Yaradua would revisit them. We then must position ourselves to negotiate our rights and interests in the form of a referendum or secession, because, there would be political and constitutional stalemate which would cause the contraption called Nigeria to come to a halt.

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3. The Military might decide to take over the geographical area currently known as Nigeria, which then would result in the collapse of the Nigerian Constitution.

4. The enemy soldiers which now have enlisted the members of the Boko Haram terrorists group, obviously would want to wreak havoc in our land. We then must see how to forestall this catastrophe. Self defence is the first law of nature.

5. Should there be a leadership lacuna, we must be ready to fill the vacuum with our own people, and not have the enemy impose his kith and kin on us.

Don’t allow them succeed in setting us against ourselves, because this has remained their plan from the word go.

People will rise in protest against the authority due to scarcity of food, they already have started.

It is our collective duties therefore to contain this situation before it gets out of hand. We are not the cause of the Nigerian economic woes, why must we fight amongst ourselves?

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We should advise the legitimately angry people to channel their anger to the people that are responsible for these whole mess we are currently witnessing.

Opinion Article from Austin Okeke Esq, Awake Nigeria.

Please send your opinion @[email protected]

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Femi Oshin

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