• October 31, 2020

Emergency: Nigerians Are Dying of Hunger-Virus. People Have Become Beggars

Recent report from Nigeria reveals that Coronavirus (Covid-19) is not as lethal and fatal in Nigeria at the moment as hunger-virus and Covid-000, which means Civid-I’ve-Got-Nothing-To-Eat.

agogoayonews.com receives a Save-Our-Soul (SOS) message from a Nigerian prophet – Omogbolahan David, who disclosed that some decent men have turned to open and shameless begging on the street as there is not food at home to eat.

Apparently, millions of Nigerians had little or no money when the lockdown was pronounced and things have become worse.

Another eyewitness anonymously said a few people who have recently passed away died of hunger, depression, frustration and a couple have killed themselves.

A single mother of three, Kafayat Alake, has attempted suicide by jumping into the Osun River in Osogbo, Osun State recently, amongst others.

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Information reaching us from the grassroots revealed the country is in a state of National Emergency, hunger-wise, over and above the coronavirus pandemic.

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The relief packages doled out by government seem too small to cater to the needs of over 120 million people who live below poverty line especially the poorest of the poor who are also in the millions.

A portion of garrison (cassava flour) that sold for 350 Naira now sells for 900 Naira – sellers can’t access the market due to lockdown – the lower the supply, the higher the price.

The people are seriously in dire need of food more than cure from coronavirus.

Those who cannot tame their hunger have resorted into stealing as armed robbery escalated in some parts of the country during the lockdown.


According to Guardian newspaper; “As the world continues to battle the pandemic, Lagos State, the epicenter of COVID-19 in Nigeria with the highest toll of confirmed cases, is going through one of its roughest moments in decades and the worst of times amid the pandemic lockdown.

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In the last few days, residents have trooped out to guard themselves against the escalating robbery attacks and cult-related activities occurring day and night. Hoodlums are using the lockdown imposed by President Muhammadu Buhari as an excuse to perpetrate criminal activities such as rape, looting and inflicting physical injuries.

Affected areas include Abule-Egba, Baruwa, Egbeda, Dalemo, Akinde, Dopemu, Ogba, Iyana Ipaja, Meiran and Alakuko. Also troubled are some Lagos-Ogun border communities like Akute, Agbado, Alakuko and Ojokoro.”

Nigerians at home are calling for help from their brothers and sisters in the Diaspora to help – a few who have friends and families abroad have been able to cope better.

Distribution of government relief package is allegedly riddled in corruption, whilst the packages come as a drop in the ocean in terms of meeting the people’s needs.

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About 25.2 billion Naira was raised by Nigerian government, private companies and wealthy individuals to combat Covid-19 in the most populous nation in Africa.

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Nigeria may have received other financial interventions not reported herein but the citizens are mourning and crying.

Kunle Ajenifunja from Lagos said: “Anybody who wants to give Nigerians money must not give government. They must give the people. The government people are thieves.”

Reports indicate breakdown of law and order if the matter is not addressed as soon as possible.

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