• September 28, 2020

Nigerian VIPs Refuse Treatement @ Isolation Centers. Nurses Contract Covid-19 from Un-accredited Centers

The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) reveals that some Very Important Personalities (VIPs) in the society refuse to report to and be admitted at isolation and treatment centres for treatment.

These un-named VIPs rather prefer to stay at other non-accredited facilities, thereby making healthcare workers very vulnerable to contracting the disease.

The NMA clarified that none of the infected healthcare workers or those that died contracted the disease at an isolation and treatment centre.

The association advised Nigerians to avoid self-medication, but should report to healthcare facilities, as malaria and COVID-19 share similar symptoms. They must not resort to self-medication on the assumption that they are treating malaria.

Experts warn that malaria infection is increasingly responsible for Nigerians dying from the Covid-19 pandemic and vice-versa, since about 97 per cent of the population is at risk of the mosquito-borne infection.

The disclosure confirms that the health workers contract Covid-19 in general public and private health facilities while treating patients.

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There are also unconfirmed reports that most of these health care workers chose to treat VIPs in un-accredited centres because they pay them much more.

Additionally, many of these patients refused to disclose important medical/travel information that would have increased the suspicion and facilitate early diagnosis of COVID-19 infection.

The NMA advised its members to consider everybody presenting at the hospital for any ailment as potential COVID-19 patient until proved otherwise.

Dr. Francis Faduyile and Olumuyiwa Odusote, President and Secretary General (respectively) beg the government to precipitate action on distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to public and private hospitals.

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Kanyin Oshin

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