• October 31, 2020

43% South Africans Okay Lockdown. 27% Want Amendments. 73% Say Ramaphosa is ‘Sharp’

President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa has not been as popular as he is currently since he assumed office – all grace and glory to his response to curbing Covid-19 in South Africa.

Media reports indicate that many South Africans appreciate his boldness, humaneness, frailty and compassion during these critical and trying times.

Over 70% of public opinion is his favour, with some even thanking God that it was not ex President Jacob Puma that’s leading the country now – as they doubt he would have fared well.

One of trending positive comments about the President’s last speech is pasted below. It is emotive and praiseworthy.

“Man, how I love my president! I love that you were so visibly stressed about your mask, fiddling with it during your whole speech, and I love how you wanted to end off your very important speech with such an endearing act. I love how absolutely human you’ve been through all of this. Most of all, I LOVE that I can know that you are not afraid of not being perfect, which is so much more than many other world leaders can say. I love that, for the first time in years, I can be proud of the man in the hot seat. Thank you for your unbelievable leadership and level-headedness – it’s a privilege to be led by you. We salute you, Mr President!”

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It was posted on linked by Estelle Roestorff, manager at Kempston Group.

According to a survey conducted by the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Social Change, supported by the Human Sciences Research Council and the South African Social Attitudes Survey, the ongoing online study, conducted among adults, aimed to determine the social and economic impact of Covid-19: “Although a large majority of respondents backed the president, 66% were struggling to pay expenses, and 28% had gone to bed hungry due to the prolonged lockdown.

A large majority of South Africans, or 73%, believe President Cyril Ramaphosa is doing a good job in responding to the coronavirus crisis, according to the latest survey.

Forty-three percent of respondents supported the lockdown, 37% endorsed amendments to the regulations, and only 5% opposed the confinement.

Amid isolated incidents of bottle store break-ins and liquor looting in some parts of the country, the survey also found only a small minority supported the lifting of restrictions on the sale of alcohol (12%) and tobacco (17%).”

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