• September 29, 2020

For A Change Someone Must Rise, Instead Of Falling #DonaldMustRise

Can we all agree that SA Black Twitter is an entire mood these days?

Twitter users have been hard at work fixing the country, and calling for a lot of celebrities who have been found in the firing line with Black Twitter to be cancelled abruptly.

However today its a different story Black Twitter decided to celebrate Donald for a change someone must rise, instead of falling.

Donald’s fans definitely love the musician with him waking up with his name trending out of the blue on Sunday morning.

Donald was just as surprised as many when he saw #DonaldMustRise trending on Twitter, with many scratching their heads trying to figure out the reason behind the trend.

It seems that there is no particular reason beyond #TeamDonald showing the Love I deserve hitmaker appreciation.

The hashtag is trending as fans share what they love about Donald, with some praising his smooth vocals and his love for his fans. Donald does make sure to follow back most of his fans on Twitter.


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