• September 20, 2020

How To Keep Up With Fashion During Lockdown

There is no better time than now that we are seeing people become health-conscious and are taking steps to avoid contacting the COVID-19.

Fashion and other living activities have taken backstage.

For those who still want to keep up with their fashion game, here are tips to help you:

New Clothing?
We are sure you love the latest collections in the market and want to join in on the trend.

How about holding up on purchasing any new clothing and make-do with the ones in your closet.

Think they are too boring? Get creative with styling.

Fortunately, there are many how-to’s on the internet.

However, if you must, stock up on hand sanitizers when trying out new [not secondhand or hand-me-down clothing].

Fabric Selection
Wear long-sleeved clothing to prevent the droplets from touching your skin.

Even more attention should be paid to the type of fabric you are wearing.

Several researchers believe that porous material is the best selection at this point.

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Leather and breathable cotton-based fabric is your bet this period.

Scarfs and Handkerchiefs
Who knew the handkerchief would be willingly purchased by many people this period?

As one of the precautionary methods is preventing any fabric from touching your face, now is the time to invest in scarfs and handkerchiefs.

Looking for what to use to nip your hair to the back? Handkerchiefs have become essentials during this period and rightfully so.

Asides helping with touching your face to remove the tiniest detail, it can be used to add a touch of brightness to the environment.

Use it as an accessory or simply buy a colourful one that doesn’t take away the beauty of your clothing.

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