• September 26, 2020

Tyler Perry To ‘Defy’ Lockdown and Open His Atlanta Studio To Shoot

Tyler Perry plans to reopen his studio complex in Atlanta to continue shooting his own TV shows in spite of the coronavirus pandemic and the attendant lockdown – even as the coronavirus and lockdown cripple world economy further.

Creatively, he hopes that all cast and crew would show up to the set on the first day of shooting after which everyone would then be tested for coronavirus right then and there. Any of them who tests negative may proceed to the complex to begin filming.

For this to work, all crew and cast would living on the studio for the duration of a given production. The studio is the largest film production studio in the United States which makes the comedian the first African-American to outright own a major film production studio.

Madea’s intention to reopen his studio means tackling some knotty issues. The dynamics of day players and extras plus policy for a cast or crew member who needed to leave for an emergency have to be considered.

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The luxurious facility also has a bar, a gym and restaurants. Doctors and nurses may be hired to work in there with them as the writer, producer and director may convert the hospital structure he built for one of his sets into a functioning facility.

If the plan goes ahead, all of the cast and crew would live on the studio lot for the duration of production. The 330-acre former-military-base-turned-studio-compound boasts of 141 habitable barracks, 40 historic houses, and 30 additional houses built when the top American actor bought the property.

Parts of the perk for inconvenience that staff may suffer is a pay rise. The studios would only open for Perry’s own six TV productions for six weeks.

Perry is not the only contemplating ‘defying’ or ‘working around’ the coronavirus-lockdown labyrinth to return to business. Relaxation of lockdown trends globally now.

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