• September 20, 2020

Juventus Forward, Paulo Dybala Test Positive For Coronavirus For The 4th Time In Six Weeks

The Juventus forward confirmed on March 21 that he and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini had contracted COVID-19 after his first positive test for the disease.

According to reports Paulo Dybala has recently tested positive for the coronavirus for the fourth time in six weeks

Dybala has had a total of four tests in six weeks as a result of his initial diagnosis, with his most recent coming back positive.

The Argentina international recently spoke out about fighting the disease, and explained how he had been struggling to breathe.

he claimed that he and his girlfriend were feeling much better, but it seems the forward is struggling to shake the illness.

“Luckily [we are] much better, these days we do not have any symptoms,” said Dybala.

“I had stronger symptoms, I got tired very quickly, when I wanted to train, I was short of breath after five minutes. There we noticed that something was not right and through the tests the club did we were told that we were positive.

“From there we had more symptoms, such as cough, tired body and when we slept I felt very cold, but from the club they had told us that we were going to be fine so we had to be calm.”


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