• October 1, 2020

Love On The Line, New Rules Of Dating During Lockdown

For the first time in a very long time, the world has a common enemy. With the emergence and the fast spread of the COVID-19, a lot of people would not get to be together.

A lot of cool hangout spots would be shut down, or better yet, there’ll just be the apparent distance made even more apparent with the present epidemic.

Many would be alone and a lot more would be forced to spend more time with their parents.

Deepest condolences! It simply would not be easy to be away from your partner at this time, but it’s a must. You are taking the much-required precautions.

But, where there is a will, there is a way right?!
One very important and very instrumental means of staying sane at this time is technology and electricity.

But with our side of the planet, electricity is a luxury, so it might be hard.

So, if you have invested in a very good power bank in preparation, then you may proceed, but if you have not, not to worry, you still can tag along.

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First, we gotta hand it to technology, because imagine a time like this without technology and the internet? What would have been the go-to, ravens? No, let’s not!

For the love birds, far and wide; even farther and wider with the current situation, Not to worry, here are a few things you could do together.

“Have you washed your hands?” “for how long?”
Now, this question should definitely replace the classic “have you eaten?” at this moment.

That question needs to take a back seat, really! At least for the time being because really, what is a relationship in these parts without it.

Be concerned about each other’s health and hygiene at this time. Remind each other about hygiene at this time and be each other’s support system and a beacon of positivity.

You must practice a very strict routine not for yourself alone, but for everyone else.

Most sports shows have been cancelled, no one is hooking up to play video games at this time.

The sports betting industry is already losing millions at this time and ladies you just might have your man’s full attention.

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He is not going to hang with the guys anymore.

So what you can do is play a game together too. Check out whatever game is on the internet or IMessage and put some money on it. Make it more fun. You loose 6 -10 rounds, you pay N200 – 500. (And we have to keep the prices down please)

It’s sure gonna be a lot of fun and you get to improve on your aiming skills because keeping up with that cup pong is the cause of the extreme opposite of the definition of zen!

There might have been a halt on going to the movies at this time but that does not mean you can’t still have that cinematic experience.

And this is even more comfortable, it involves pillows, your very own selection of food/snack and no annoying personalities.

You can still Netflix and chill. You pick a time. You have a time table, select who picks a movie, the phone’s plugged in, facetime audio on, and voila, you are viewing together.

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You get to hear each other’s reactions to each scene, critic and discuss as if you were actually watching together in person.

Send handwritten letters

Just because you can’t see each other in person doesn’t mean everything has to be done via a phone screen.

Sophia suggested sending each other handwritten notes as well as the conventional WhatsApp messages.

It’s a chance to note the little things that you would bring up in person — like seeing something that reminded you of them or made you wish they were there to experience it with you.

It also shows the other person you’ve taken the time to sit down and think about them, committing words to paper rather than just pulling out your phone for the billionth time today.

Use the lockdown period to really work on yourself and ensure you eat healthily and keep yourself fit.

Work on drawing up a plan for your goals and expectations when the crisis is finally over.

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