• October 31, 2020

Who’s The Master Mind Behind This Lockdown???

The national lockdown has done nothing but damage the society emotionally, mental and otherwise.

The damage we facing as the society is way too much to bare and that does not seem to bother our government.

When this lockdown was discussed and implemented did the government think what will it do the the society emotionally and mentally?

Did the government think about the families that stay in the squat camps?  Did they think about the individuals who make a living on free market?

Does our government know how it feels to be squashed in a small room having to be breathing on each other because there’s no space ?

How are we going to contain/prevent this virus if we have families of ten members living in a one room together?

The lockdown has done nothing good but damaged our society, we suffocating in our homes, we going through anxiety and depression in the presence of our loved ones without having them to see through us.

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The poor are left to suffer more and hopeless, having to go each day thinking when will this end, we’ve become the prisoners of our own homes.

None of the government members are affected by this lockdown, none of the rich are affected by this lockdown and still we continue to say we are one as South Africans.

How are we one when our government is not feeling and going through what we are are going through, when our government is not suffering the way we are suffering?

The government has never and will never have it’s people best interest at heart,and our country will forever be survival of the fittest.


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  • Is the lockdown down a successful or otherwise??????

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