• September 28, 2020

Mercy Johnson Bakes Her Way To Labour

The heavily pregnant Mercy Johnson is making the headlines again after showing off her dance moves even though she looks due anytime soon.

Well, this time around, the legendary Nollywood mother-to-be again actress is celebrating herself and her fans for making it possible for her to achieve 8 million hits.

Just recently, social media platforms were buzzing about Mercy Johnson giving birth and it turns out that it was fake news as we see her now baking her way to labour.

Furthermore, Davido went as far as saying Mercy and her family are wicked people.

The multi-talented Mercy has really did it, hitting 8 million followers on Instagram and celebrating her success she decided to bake a cake from scratch with her family. Congratulations Mercy Johnson, it’s not easy achieving such hits but you did.. Congrats.

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