• September 20, 2020

Wizkid’s Cocaine Addiction Worsens. It Makes Him Shrink & Freaky

Inside sources close to one of Africa’s most prolific Afro-pop star, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun – Wizkid – confirms the chap is hooked on cocaine.

It was revealed that the singer-songwriter who started music at the age of 11 can barely survive without sniffing cocaine.

The source says he clutches to cocaine the way a woman clutches to her bag.

The Nigerian music industry thrives on a unfounded notion that hard drugs fuel creativity and some claimed they use hard drugs to deal with the job pressure – song writing, performing and stress-scape, that is, escape from stress.

There is a silent rule that hard drug is not a crime and industry practitioners illegally enable the supply.

However, Wizkid’s case come to light again as some of his close aides are now worried about his health, life and future.

“He needs rescue from himself. You know, we don’t do rehabilitation much in Nigeria but Starboy needs to take a chill. This thing might throw onto a downward slide he may not return from.”

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The source says Starboy always look sharp and in control but he’s also got lots of freak moments. “Drugs have killed many talents globally, he must not think he’s an exception. I pray for him. All his fans should please pray for him.”

In the past, there have been suspicions and allegations about Wizkid taking drugs. In 2018, his fans reacted to a photo he took during a new music video shoot. According to his fans, he looks so skinny with many of them pointing to drugs as the cause of his sickly look.

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