• September 28, 2020

Are Nigerians And Americans Roasting Each Other Online?

Twitter users have been hard at work fixing the country, and calling for a lot of celebrities who have been found in the firing line with Black Twitter to be cancelled abruptly.

Today we woke up  to #NigeriaVsAmerica which has been on top of our trending list.

It all began when a Ugandan Twitter user named Sharon Godwin tweeted:

“The sooner Nigeria drops this childish sense of entitlement they have over this continent the better. Y’all can’t be good in everything. YOU DON’T OWN AFRICA! Uganda is a way better country than Nigeria politically, geographically, socially. Even in music we beat u guys! I said it.

Well it turns out that America was watching from a distance waiting to also drag Nigeria.

However it seems like the dragging took a U-turn now Nigerians are throwing shades at Americans

Hahaha, its funny how this 2 countries are dragging each other on something so simply, like which country is better than the other? Obviously they are different and unique in their own ways.


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