• September 24, 2020

How History Has Shaped Modern Beauty, Your BEAUTY BLENDER can kill you!

No, we are not trying to scare you or something, but just quoting a study that has claimed that your favourite beauty blender or other make-up products can be a breeding ground for deadly bacteria.

 life-threatening bacteria has been found in popular make-up products.

majority of make-up products such as beauty blenders, mascara and lip gloss have been found to be contaminated with potentially deadly bugs, such as E.coli and Staphylococci, because most are not being cleaned and are used far beyond their expiry dates.

Though most types of E. coli are harmless, some can cause bloody diarrhea, even kidney failure and and death.

Bacteria that can cause illnesses ranging from skin infections to blood poisoning if used near eyes, mouth or cuts or grazes were found in nine out of ten of the products.

This risk is amplified in immunocompromised people who are more likely to contract infections from opportunistic bacteria.

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Researchers looked at beauty blender products – hugely popular make-up sponges used to blend foundation and contouring on the face.

Beauty blenders are sponges used to apply skin foundation products and these very applicators were found to have the highest levels of potentially harmful bacteria – with the vast majority (93 percent) not having ever been cleaned, despite more than two thirds (64 percent) being dropped on the floor at some point during use.

The researchers found these products are particularly susceptible to contamination as they are often left damp after use, which creates an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Here is how you can wash your beauty blender:

Step-by-step guide on how to wash your beauty blender

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