• October 1, 2020

Jamie Bartlett “David Genaro” Returns To Latest Rhythm City Storyline

In an official statement from eTV on Tuesday, 5 May 2020, the channel announced that the villain will be returning to the show, in the form of a spirit, shocking isn’t is?

Although Jamie’s character will not be physically seen on screen, the storyline will include voiceovers and brief visuals of the actor.

According to the statement, the upcoming storyline sees David taking over Ziyanda’s body, after she performs a ritual to contact her ancestors.

Once he has taken ownership of her body, he sets out on a plan to seek vengeance from all of those who conspired to kill him.

Mmmh we are all waiting for the drama that’s going to unfold.

eTV stated, “David Genaro returns in spirit form to take vengeance on those that turned against and killed him. Because Ziyanda has a close relationship with her ancestors, he takes over her body as the perfect place to work from. Rage overwhelms her will to control her actions, and she starts to attack Genaro’s enemies directly. All hell breaks loose when Ziyanda plots to eliminate Lerato, Suffocate, and Khulekani.”

Watch the preview for the upcoming episodes of Rhythm City below:

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