• September 24, 2020

ESABOD Slams Haters Who Probe How She Raises Her Children & Advise Mothers

Madam Esther Tokunbo Aboderin popularly known as ESABOD lambasts those who question how she raises her children.

In her Mothers’ Day video, she disclosed she has been able to raise her two children from age 3 and 4 to twenty one and 23 years respectively without the support of any man.

She showered praises on herself for the tough solo effort she has graciously done and advises parents to be responsible.


One of her Youtube fans, Bisola Kadir commended her: Mummy I’m enjoying your show it really make sense.Thank you for exposing all this stupid government, and some of our rulers in Nigeria they’ve damage lots of things in that country.God will lay his mighty healing hands upon Hannah.Yhank you ma.You really spoke well.”

Anna Oyetubo said: “It’s well with you ma, i have really listen to you very in different series, now i understand your mission and vision. God bless u ma”.

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No doubt, ESABOD has become a strong opinion moulder amongst the Yorubas in Nigeria and the Diaspora. Sometimes, she becomes overly blunt and impolite in utterances.

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