• October 31, 2020

Still Soldiering On Celebrating International Nurses Day

It’s International Nurses Day with a world in crisis, as we celebrate those who give us so much hope in life.

World wide nurses are playing an important role in our fight against the COVID-19.

We appreciate nurses who take their selfless time attending to the patients in this time of crisis, not forgetting that they are putting themselves and their families at risk.

Right now nurses across the world are risking their health to protect during this difficult time.

It should not take a pandemic to make us all appreciate how important and hard-working our nurses are.

They take time and effort to care for us and keep our loved ones safe. They are serving the people in these difficult times and fighting against the COVID-19 Pandemic as frontline warriors.

Let’s salute these great warriors every day of our lives, the world would be a messy place without them.

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Bokamoso Panza

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