• September 25, 2020

Lagos Woman Drowns 21-Month-old Daughter in Bucket of Water Out of Frustration

A 22-year-old mother, Oluwafunmilola Adisa, has been arrested for killing her daughter, Oluwanifemi, claiming the daughter cost her admission to study law at the university.

Oluwafunmilola said she suffocated her child in a bucket of water at their place of residence on Plot 221 Gowon Estate, in the Ipaja area of Lagos State as the child has added to her woes since she gave birth to her 21 months ago.

She revealed: “The reason behind the radical choice is the absence of financial help; I was worn out and embarrassed; when I gained admission to study law at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, I got pregnant and conceded my affirmation, which I later lost.”

She disclosed she turned herself in after killing her daughter on Monday, May 11, 2020. She’d thought of strangling her or suffocating her with a pillow. But she eventually drowned her after her sister had warned her she drowned Oluwanifemi.

She unveiled more on the terrible act: “On the day of the incident, around 2 pm, Oluwanifemi was assisting me to dress up, because she thought that I would take her out with me. But I told her that she was not going anywhere because she would die that day and I would be going to the police station after killing her. So, I opened a big bucket of water, threw her in, and covered the bucket, but she was able to push away the cover.”

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She explained that the water in the bucket was not much, so, she poured more water in it. The 21-month-old daughter fought and she was still able to push away the cover to breathe. She turned her upside down, threw her in the bucket of water, and closed it.

Furthermore, she narrated the brutal experience further: “After some time, I saw her floating and when I brought her out, she was still breathing. I put her in again and brought her out after some time, but she was still breathing, and at the third attempt, I left her for some minutes till she died. I didn’t feel any pain, killing her, because I was desperate.”

Later, Oluwafunmilola wrote a letter to her sister, Damilola, to inform her that she had fulfilled the promise of killing her baby.

She claimed she went that route because of the shame the baby’s birth had brought to her and the poverty that is ravaging her life. Also, she was tired and ashamed of losing the admission she had secured to the university. “So killing my baby and losing my admission have a connection. I felt I would be free if I kill her and would be able to go anywhere I like and no one would disturb me that I had a daughter outside wedlock.

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After Oluwanifemi died, she removed her from the bucket of water and placed her remains on a pillow. Then she covered her with a white cloth after confirming she was dead as her legs and hands were very pale. Her tongue also popped out in between her teeth.

“I also dropped the note I wrote to Damilola beside her corpse and the reason I wrote the letter was to let my sister know that I was the one who killed Oluwanifemi and that I was going to report myself at the police station.

I had been telling Damilola of my plans to kill her, but she usually prevailed on me. I wanted to carry out my plan on Sunday, but Damilola started calling our parents and the pastor, so I postponed it till Monday when I was home alone with my daughter. Damilola had gone to work when I killed her.”

The letter that Oluwafunmilola wrote to her sister read in part, “Good day Damilola, thanks for everything you have done for me and Mama (Oluwanifemi), for the fake love, real love, false accusations, lies, and everything. The purpose of writing this letter is because Mama (Oluwanifemi) is dead. I soaked her inside a bucket filled with water and I am telling you to know that I have fulfilled it. Extend my greetings to father, pastor, friends. Goodbye forever, don’t look for me, save your money and invest.”

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She claimed that the father of her baby, one Folarin Yusuf, abandoned her after she got pregnant.

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, said Oluwafunmilola was in custody, adding that she would be charged.

The police confirmed their homicide detectives found the baby dead with a note beside her. Investigations have commenced on the matter by the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.

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