• September 28, 2020

Shocking Story Of Man Who Found Out That His Twins Babies Have Two Fathers

Wonders shall never end! A Chinese man is shocked to his bones upon discovering that his twins (babies) have two fathers, him and another man. Twins being born with different fathers is an extremely scarce event known as heteropaternal superfecundation.

The Daily Mail of UK reported through a DNA analyst in China that the un-named man unveiled the mystery after taking the new babies for a DNA test as part of the standard procedure to register their births in China.

This may occur when women have sex with two different men within a day before or after ovulation  –  both eggs may be fertilised.

The result meant that his wife had multiple sexes with someone else other than him, as the scientific explanation further confirmed.

For this strange thing to happen, Deng Yajun, the practitioner who produced the paternity report said: “First, the mother needs to produce two eggs instead of one in the same month [to have twins]. “Second, she needs to have intercourse with two men in a really short space of time to make it possible.”

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Meanwhile, the chance for such case to happen is one in 10 million according to Ms Deng, who is also the director of Beijing Zhongzheng Forensic Identification Centre. She said the results showed that the children have the same mother but not the same father.  They have at least two fathers.

This is not a novel case in China – another Chinese mother was forced to admit that she had cheated on her husband in a one-night stand after receiving the DNA results last year.

The couple from south-eastern China’s Xiamen city had a similar experience when they went to register the birth of their twin sons at the local police station, which necessitated a paternity test.

Earlier, Xiaolong, the husband had suspected that one of the twins did not look like him. His suspicions were confirmed when the director from the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre confirmed his suspicion. The director revealed he was furious after reading the DNA report and confronted his wife.

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After much probing, the wife admitted she had a one-night stand with another man.


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