• October 1, 2020

Ways To Stave Off Mindless Or Emotional Eating

While we’re all staying home to help contain the spread of Coronavirus, don’t let boredom affect your eating habits.

Here are healthy ways to snack more while you’re staying at home.

1. Buy tasty and nutritious snacks

Eating homemade popcorn with little or no salt, fresh fruit, plain yogurt, unsalted nuts, baby tomatoes, sugar-and-salt-free peanut butter on apple wedges, a smoothie prepared with frozen banana and plain yogurt, veg crudités, or rice cakes with mashed avo, hummus or cottage cheese can help you meet your nutrient requirements.

2. Avoid buying unhealthy snacks 

Resist loading your trolley with packets of potato chips, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, biltong, pastries, salami, sausages, and cold meat rather swop them with the healthy snacks suggested above.

3. Don’t snack while watching TV or busy on the phone

It’s very easy to eat too much without noticing it when you’re watching tv or distracted by the phone.

Keep these tips with you all the time they are not only for this period of lockdown they are healthy eating habits that will help you cultivate a healthy body and mind over time.

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Remember, there’s no magic immune-boosting food or supplement that will restrain you from getting Covid-19 but following an overall balanced healthy diet will certainly support your immune system

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