• October 1, 2020

Zodwa Wabantu’s Ben 10 ‘Vusi Buthelezi’ Dumps Her After An Emotional Roller Coaster

CORONAVIRUS surely has changed a lot of people in many ways.

Zodwa Wabantu has now become a tea-drinking and TV-watching woman – all thanks to the national lockdown.

But there’s only one thing her fans love about her that is the love of showing off her body.

Even after a break-in and some tension between her and her ben 10, Vusi Buthelezi (24), she could not be pulled down.

Although she’s one of the few who still have a stash of booze (alcohol), she hasn’t been drinking the way she usually does.

The idea of staying home was very challenging for her as an extrovert but it has made her do self-introspection.

However, she’s got a bit more space to focus on herself after Vusi her ben 10 left.

They’ve been in lockdown together but it didn’t last long.

After the break-in, Zodwa said things were a tad tense between them, they are healing from what happened and dealing with it in their own ways.

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To keep herself occupied, she tried to cook but it did not turn out well she even felt bad when she had to throw away the food because there are people starving during these tough times.

Zodwa is craving to get back to her normal life, life without the lockdown.

Meanwhile, she knows it’s tough for most South Africans right now but she wants people to keep going.





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