• September 27, 2020

Class Media Denies Blacklisting Kidi From Their Platforms

After Dennis Nana Dwamena, better known as KiDi, was sacked from the studio of Accra FM for being 25 minutes late for the interview, there were reports about the musician being blacklisted by Class Media Group.

Although KiDi apologised, Nana Romeo said time was far spent, and hence would not do the interview.

According to a Senior Producer, Kojo Preko Dankwa, this isn’t true as he denied reports suggesting that Kidi has been blacklisted and his songs will no longer be played.

Kojo made this known in a recent Facebook post:

His colleagues felt like it’s not fair for him to be punished in that manner because they don’t know what delay him.


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This KiDi incident is an unfortunate one. But, I think it’s high time both the media stations and their guests treated each other with deserved respect. Mostly, when I have interviews and I’m running late for some reason, I’m on my phone, constantly updating the producer on my ETA. But, there are times the media station gives guests a strict time to report; say 3:45pm prompt, and that, the show starts at exactly 4:00pm. The guest reports at the said time agreed and ends up waiting for over 30 minutes after the 4pm before called into the studio. Should the guests have left your studio, or, should they have come on your show to lambast your unprofessionalism? There’s no form of apology whatsoever to that guest when they finally get on the show. The presenter just Kickstarts the show as if nothing happened. It’s even worse if you’re an up and coming. You can wait till the show is almost done and someone would come and tell you that they’re sorry they can’t have your interview today because the programme was packed, so they’ll reschedule you for another day. They’ll not tell you the truth that they had a celebrity in the studio and got carried away by the conversation and lost track of your presence. We’re all in this together to create a thriving industry. Let’s respect appointment times and treat each other with maximum respect.

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