• September 24, 2020

“She” With Sexy Underwear Get More Intimate Actions From “Him”, vice versa

Married women who don’t invest in sensual lingerie and living a sensual-less lifestyle don’t take the relationship they have with themselves or their spouses seriously. They are walking corpses, says experts.

Underwear is the closest ‘personality’ to a woman – the first piece of clothing and most intimate friend. How women choose their underwear says lot about them.

Underwear determines how often and intimate the bedtime actions a woman get from his hubby.

A sensual underwear is inviting and very attractive to men. It can get you a sweet-quickie he didn’t plan.

Also, ladies when you’ve got it, flaunt it. Roam around with it. Sleep with it overnight at times.

It works for men also.

Researches reveal most men are more likely to respond to women wearing wearing sexy and tight underwear. Your underwear cannot be loose and un-inviting. It’s a turn off for him.

Men who wear tights and sexy underwear also get more impromptu actions from their wives.

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Underwear plays a significant role in a subtle way in most relationships.

Dr. Steven R. Convey says “always begin with an end in mind” – the end justify the means.

On a light note: ‘Underwear are like passwords. You don’t let everyone see it, except those very, very close.”

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Femi Oshin

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