• July 10, 2020

Why Wearing a Tight Dress Can Affect Your Brain Performance – new study

How many women are ready to sacrifice the hugging dresses that will accenuate their curves for a better brain performance?

Researchers from the University of Toronto found said new brain study confirmed that women wearing tight dresses are likely to perform much worse on tests which measure reaction times and decision-making.

The study says they wear something tight and revealing their brain reactions are duller rather than when they wear something loose and comfortable.

It was disclosed that women become slower to respond to challenges and made poorer decisions when their dresses hug their bodies closesly.

Scientists opine women in more revealing outfits may have a heightened body awareness and become more conscious of how their clothing affects their appearance.

This can even happen to those content with their figure.

It is theorised focusing on appearance may “divert cognitive resources” away from the task in hand and may consequentially lead to poor performance.

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A study said women wearing a white coat, normally worn by doctors or scientists, performed better on brain function tests than those in normal attire.

Also, a 2014 study at Yale University said men who dress smartly are more likely to make better business decisions than those in casual wear.

This phenomenon is known as enclothed cognition

The Toronto team recruited 80 women aged 18 to 35 and gave them a task designed to assess reaction times and decision-making, which involved rapidly clicking on certain images as they popped up on a screen while avoiding others.

Half the women wore a clingy Spandex gym crop top and tight shorts. The rest wore a baggy T-shirt and long, large shorts – similar to those usually worn by basketball players.

The results, published in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, revealed that the women wearing skimpy, tight clothing scored the lowest on the tests. Those in the baggy outfits were less preoccupied with their appearance and, in turn, they scored better marks.

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In a report on the findings, researchers concluded that dressing skimpily may make women more self-conscious and in turn reduce their ability to focus.

They said: ‘There is evidence that women who are more aware of their bodies perform worse on cognitive tasks than those who are less aware. The type of clothing worn – revealing versus concealing – can affect the performance of women on cognitive tasks.

“And this difference may arise because changes in body awareness divert cognitive resources from the task.

“This research highlights the importance of considering the impact of clothing on performance in many different contexts.”

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