• July 10, 2020

Foreigners’ ‘Scapegoastism’?: Lies Against Refugees in South Africa Exposed by Rate Payers’ Association

Goodwood Ratepayers’ Association in Cape Town, chairperson Faizel Petersen said complaints that incidents of stone-throwing along Voortrekker Road in Maitland because of refugees moving into Wingfield were not true because the problem existed before they were relocated there.

He disclosed they received reports last week about the allegation but that the allegations were lies and that it would be unfair to single out the refugees as the stone-throwers.

He said: “What we need to remember is that the stoning of cars occurred long before the refugees arrived. I think the children of both the refugees and the informal settlements are the ones throwing the stones”

The refugee camp, which worries a lot of people, is close to the informal settlements Olympic Park, Gate Nine and Gate Seven.

Ward councillor Helen Jacobs said asked motorists to report the incidents whenever it happens, as they are addressing the matter. Jacobs confirmed he had had meetings with the informal settlements and the leaders about this issue.

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A refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo said South Africans enjoy blaming foreigners for their troubles. “If there is crime, they blame foreigners. If there is fake products, they blame foreigners. If the hospital are not working, they blame us. This is unfair”.

Refugees left destitute in and around the City Bowl are being housed temporarily at the Wingfield military site and at Paint City In Bellville.

Richard Bosman, City’s executive director for safety and security, said: “The City of Cape Town and the National Department of Home Affairs have started a process of engagement with the refugees with a view to the reintegration of the affected persons back into the communities.”

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