• August 6, 2020

New Zealand Woman Beats Acne after 14yrs & Makes Millions of Dollars from the Solution She Invented

Michelle Doherty (57), the boss of skincare business Alpha-H beats acne after suffering from the skin trouble for fourteen years.

Doherty said she tried everything including methylated spirits, tea tree oil, and even put toothpaste on the spots but all failed.

She hinted some of the harsh treatments she applied rather worsen her skin and dampen her self-esteem.

The resilient acne messed up her face from 14 to nearly 28 years.
She revealed she on antibiotics for 11 years and she was also on a contraceptive tablet to address hormonal functions.

The New Zealander said was particularly depressing for her then because after leaving school in Auckland when she was 15, she started a career as a cosmetics salesperson.

How Does a Cosmetic Sales Person Suffer Acne?

She used to think people were paying attention to her acne but not to her personality. “I felt so unclean. In the beauty salons they stocked skincare for people who already had beautiful skin. I wondered: where do people go when they’ve got problem skin?”

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The breakthrough came when she was 27 and discovered a cosmetics ingredient that alleviated her acne and made her skin look better – glycolic acid.

The ingredient is from sugar cane and is used as an exfoliator – to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.

Today it is utilised by cosmetics brands large and small around the world, and found in thousands of products. But in the early 1990s its usage was very much in its infancy.

Doherty started her own skincare brand based around the ingredient when she saw it was working.

Michelle and her hubby take the bull by the horn and dedicated themselves to product development and saving funds and by 1995, when Michelle was 32, they moved to the Gold Coast in Australia and launched Alpha-H. It is named thus because glycolic acid is one of a group of alpha hydroxy acids.

After starting out in the couple’s garage, the company today has reported annual revenues of 7.7m Australian dollars ($5.3m; £4.3m).

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Australian singer and actor Kylie Minogue is known to be a fan, and the firm makes 10,000 bottles of its best-selling product Liquid Gold every day to keep up with global demand.

All production is still done in-house in Australia.

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