• August 6, 2020

Will Smith Swears at 50 Cent for Questioning Jada’s Admission to Fling with Alsina

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s affair with singer August Alsina navigates a new twist as Will Smith and 50 Cent had a heated chat over the matter.

50 Cent shared messages he exchanged with Will Smith on Instagram wondering what is really amiss.

The rapper who reached out to the tall and handsome actor said he did so after Jada’s Facebook show, The Red Table Talk Show, aired.

Jada admitted to the fling with Alsina on the show and after the show aired, 50 Cent reached out to the actor to give his support, but it ended in a ‘fast and furious’ provocation.

The chat opened with 50 Cent asking Smith how he is doing to which the “Bad Boys” actor replied that he is okay.

Smith then thanked 50 Cent for his support to which the rapper probed deeper about Jada’s admission of the fling.

50 Cent wrote;

“But why did she tell you that s**t on a show for everyone to see?”

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Will tried to explain, writing:

“We broke up so she did her and I did me.”

50 Cent obviously wanted more as he pressed:

“Then she said only SHE can given permission for somebody to blow her back out,” adding a confused emoji.

At this point, Will lost it and ended the conversation by writing: “F**k you 50.”


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